Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally, I'm done

Its 12.35 am right now and thank God, I'm finally finished with my Moral tugasan.

Inilah hasil ciptaan tahyul manusia yang terbaik bagimu. Nikmatilah ke-terer-an saya.

"I tell you, bullshit cannot come close to this."
"It has all the false and made-up facts you can think of. "
"Well, thats what I think."

Now, who's up for some Sejarah crap for a late night snack? No one?

Thought so.


A lo of people has started blogging now...I am truly amazed.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

When Moral Gets Nasty

Yes, its me again with the endless rants regarding the hopelessly pitiful subject known as Moral. Its 11 pm right now, and its a time where every Form 4 student should be in bed, happily dozing off into the land of dreams, but instead, I'm stuck here trying to figure out what to write for my current Moral Tugasan 3.

Its stupid.

This good for nothing piece of retarded trash wants me (and my classmates who are taking up Moral as a subject by force) to write an essay on a "Tokoh yang awak segani."

The problem right now is that I can't fekking think of anything to write. I don't have any Tokohs that I look up to, and it certainly isn't going to be anyone from Malaysia. I don't look up to Chong Wei, though he is a good badminton player and I don't give a crap whether one of our prime ministers suddenly gain a true and unblemished profit. But no, I have to give a bloody care because I don't have a choice.

In Malaysia, there isn't really anyone else to look up to. In other parts of the world, you'll just find out more about the person and your perception of him will change entirely with that small whiff of news. So taking someone from a foreign land as your tokoh yang disegani isn't so cracked up as it should be. It seems that you can't really look up to anyone at all in your life. I can just respect them at the most but look up to them? Hell no. I only look up to God for He is true and right.

But since God isn't human and isn't a suitable candidate for the Tugasan essay since religion is a touchy subject, I don't have a choice but to do the essay by writing on a guy called Bill Gates. Anyone know this man? He's the dude that made the defect company widely known as Microsoft. Sucks to be him.

But I don't have a choice.

The word "choice" doesn't seem to ring as well as it did before. It seems that everything else that revolves around your life is being pre-organized by strangers that when you want to make a decision or choice, you can't make any since somebody has already done that to you. And that my friends, is the mentality that every parent promotes in their kids nowadays.

Kid: "Haiya, this thing so hard! I don't want to do it!"

Parents: "No choice. If you want to success in life, must do."

Kid:"Go to hell ah *In thoughts*"

Gone were the days of free men, gone were the days of making decisions and gone were the times of happiness in our hearts. For the government has taken it all away and it has left us with nothing more but memories of the nostalgic moment. And now, we are left to rot while our seemingly fine and normal bodies carry our task being issued by the false ruler.

You always have a choice in your life from the very start. No one can take it away from you and no one can definitely forbid you. If they do, blast them up with a shotgun and watch the guts fly off in many arrays of colours.

And with that, I conclude my message. Oh, and feck Moral, I ain't givin' shit to that piece of crap work. I got better things to do in life.

Peace out.


Friday, March 28, 2008

I love God

I love God. I really really do. And when the Saviour comes, I will embrace him with my arms and heart, forever worshiping in His Holy name.

Praise be to God.

Here is one of the most beautiful songs.

And heres a song that really touches the heart.

Praise to Jesus

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy, Tired and Stressed Out. Worst combination ever

Right then, since I've finished up with that extremely long post on the Thailand trip (scroll down for part 2. The second part of part 2 is coming up so yeah, there'll more work for me. XP ) everything in my life had started to go wrong.

If you looked at today as an example, I was at school, struggling with my KK work but for the wearisome, there will be no rest. The teachers arrived and lo and behold, with just a few simple words exiting their lips, the homework list extends to a length of which many would deem impossible to accomplish. And I and the entire class, have one bloody day to finish it all up.

Imagine having Physics, Add maths, Modern *crap* math, Sejarah and the F1 in schools paperwork all handed down to you in just one day. Feeling the pressure? No? Well, imagine doing 10 bloody questions of additional math, add it with a few more question from modern maths, and then multiply it with the immense workload of Sejarah notes we have to complete(we have to complete 2 VERY long chapters of notes which I think is impossible.) and you'll have yourself a wonderfully crappy day ahead of you. And tomorrow ain't gonna get any prettier.

Anyways, I have to get back to designing my F1 in school's group's logo. Since I've no time left on my side for completing my homework tasks, I'm guessing that I might as well be in deep shit or some kind of huge trouble. Whatsoever the school has in stored for me, I do not know. I just hope its not the kind of punishment where a student has to go on stage naked. I'd really hate myself if that happened.

I am stressed, tired and pissed. Please pray for my safe-passage during tomorrow's judgement of the work list ceremony. And good luck to my class mates as well. They're in a pretty horrible state as well. But this Ketua Kelas will be in worst shit compared to them if he doesn't get some things straightened out. Till next time then.

Peace out. *~*~*


*Reening just wants to have a nice day of for the time being. Is that so much to ask?"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Horrible News

I've just be made into ketua Darjah for 4 Jujur. Could the day get any worse for me?


Monday, March 24, 2008

News for the world

Additional Maths sucks big time.

I hope the creator of this damned subject burns in hell.

Thank you for your time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thailand Trip Part 2 (1/2)

Sorry for the slow and long update guys, I've been busy with the unrelenting F1 in schools agenda and I just couldn't find the right time and space to properly associate my blogging time with everything else on my to-do list. And my Xbox 360 needs a lot of attention too you know. It gets jealous very easily if I use the computer too much.

But anyways, here it is, the big Thailand trip story, part 2. And yes, it will be a long read. So, grab a snack before you continue on, it'll help to keep you focused on reading (Well, I think it will. Haven't really tried it out yet.)

Now, for the epic grandness that awaits those who seek it. My story. Enjoy.

Thailand trip part 2

Okay, well for starters, on the second day of the trip, I had finally gotten some sleep after having endured a hectic and stressful first day trip in Thailand. I felt better and as soon as we had our breakfast in one of the most fancy hotels in Thailand (4 star hotel baby!) we were off for more sights and smells of Thailand. I still wanted a little more sleepy time though.

So our first stop is was at this Flower/Orchid/Butterfly farm. We arrived at the farm at a fairly early time and our tour guide, Diana, instantly took us in without missing a beat and we were soon listening to her explaining a few things which I didn't bother to listen to despite the tangible idea of an interesting story. But I think she was explaining something regarding the orchids if I'm not mistaken.

"Diana and her impeccable virtuosity in the Thailand tour guide explanation. I didn't listen to anything she said though. :D"

"The shop in a farm. Cool feature? Nah, pretty lame since everyone does it."

After having a look through the shop, we tend ventured off into the deeper into the farm. Inside the farm, I saw many interesting species of flowers from all over the world. As the current main photographer for the occasion, I snapped endlessly at the flora around me like a mad paparazzi who just received the biggest opportunity in his life for media glory. And I got few good shots while doing so as well so its a great bonus for me.

"Right after I took this picture here with my handy dandy camera, a couple, a gay man couple, came out from behind." "You can barely see his body in the picture up there but let me tell you, it was UGLY. "Grossest thing I've ever seen."

"I wasn't ready for this post. But this looked nice since it was all natural."
"Photographer siaw one already."

Since there isn't much for me to say for this part of the trip, I'll just leave with you a few more pictures to have you better suited with what I'm trying to show you guys here. Anyways, here are the flowers:

"Nice looking Orchid. Well, I think its an Orchid."

"Anyone know what plant this is?"

"The Butterfly on a flower picture. Classic excellence."

And so, after looking at all the flowers and orchids you could think of in that puny little head of yours, it was finally time to visit the famed butterfly farm everyone was talking about. What they were talking about, I wouldn't know since everyone else speaks either French, Jamaican or Thai.

"Why they used chains for the entrance to the Butterfly farm, I do not know. But I do know that those things were heavy and hard to push apart."

The butterfly farm was a nice addition to the trip. As I walked in, I was greeted by hundreds of flying little insects all around me and the atmosphere of the farm was totally different from outside. Tranquil and nice. I liked it. Though I do not enjoy the company of a hundred butterflies around me, that didn't stop me from enjoying the experience. So much stuff to see, so little time.

After we finished our tour around the flower farm, it was time for us to visit another interesting location, called the Maesa Elephant Camp.

"Need I say more?"

Now, being at the camp was the fun part, while driving to the camp was where everyone who followed had groaned in despair since sitting inside the tour van was tiresome. Your legs get cramped every time as well from the excessive time spent inside the van. So yeah, the van ride wasn't one of the most loved aspect of the trip but it was a necessity since the van was supposed to bring us everywhere.

Anyways, lets focus on the main subject here. As we entered the Maesa elephant camp, we saw a group of elephants taking a bath in the river situated at the entrance of the camp. And yes, I did take a few pictures of the elephant while they were enjoying their bath. One of the elephants had shit in the river and the trainers had to keep an eye out for it in case if got away with the stream (The shit I mean.) I swear to you, it was HUGE.

"Yes people, those are REAL elephants. You don't get to see much of that in Malaysia now, do you?"

We were supposed to see a show in a few minutes and we all hurried towards the seats, hoping to get a suitable spot for the show. The elephants were huge and well, after a few more minutes of waiting, the entertainers finally showed up. Big applause from the crowd.

"Welcome, we will be enjoying taking your money."

Luckily for you guys, I had taken a few videos with my camera and I'll TRY to upload them as soon as I can find the time. Life's being hard on me since I have to finish around 20 additional maths question related to sketching a quadratic graph and I have to finish a stoopid Moral tugasan as well. So just wait for the video.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took during the show. Now these elephants were cool, they could do the most interesting things and you would just laugh and be amazed at their skill. Those trainers really have it going.

Note: The elephant trainers at the camp have been with their respective elephants since they were around 9 to 10 years of age. So you can really see the understanding and bond between the elephants and the trainers when you watch the show. Memang Hebat.

"Elephants playing football. They have horrible aim though."

Halfway through the show, there were some old Taiwanese/Malaysians/Hong-kees folks that brought the elephants some bananas as snacks. Clearly, there was a sign that stated "No feeding the elephants during the show" but I think those old folks were horrible in English since they fed the elephants like excited school children.

It was a funny thing to see a huge beast, weighing over 1000 pounds, grab the bananas out of the hands of one old and horrified looking Chinese lady. I pity her. Stumbling, and speaking some kind of exclamation of interest in her language, she was the most weird looking lady ever. Thank God I learned to read and write in English.

"Elephant painting a tree. A really amazing skill I should say!"

"Drop dead drunk."

And after a good one hour of entertaining elephant antics, the show was to come to a close and everyone cheered the elephants trainers on as if they were some kind of popular pop idol in America. America has it overboard with pop culture I should say.

Anyways, since the show was practically over for the time being, everyone else had turned their attention to the elephant ride stand that stood next to the presentation area. Everyone in my group took the elephant ride. I decided to stay back so that I could snap a few photographs in order to show the world what elephant rides are made of.

But it looked kinda boring and the elephant was probably tired anyway so I was doing it a favour by now climbing up onto its back.

"Ride on. Ride on."

Since I had nothing else to do after seeing my parents go off each on their respective elephants, I went around looking for stuff to indulge myself in. The coconut drink provided by one of the stalls in the camp was actually nice! Sadly, I was dead-broke in Thailand (Seriously, I had no effing cash while I was there.) so Diana had to chia me 20 Baht.

And then I wander off for a bit and I found this spot lying around appeared to be an elephant shrine. Its funny that even elephants have shrines but us humans have got nothing under our names or noses. Nama saja human, tapi apa guna?

"A gong where use a stick to hit the, well, round thing over there in picture. I think."

"Some kind of lunch table? I don't know much but it looked like a good opportunity to take a photo so, yeah."

And after the elephant ride was over for my parents and other group members, I asked my mom to take a picture of the elephants and me. I wasn't too keen on getting near the elephants (takut bah!) so I didn't really stand right beside the elephants. This is the best shot that you can ever have of me and some elephants in your lifetime. So stare as much as you want.

"Who is this kid? Says the elephant nearest to me."

And so, with that last picture taken, Diana finally told us that it was time to leave the camp. By now I was already feeling exhausted and we still had 2 more far away places to go. What a day for the foreign dude on Thailand.

Before we left, we decided to get one final shot as a family photo standing at the Maesa Elephant Camp sign. Now you know who is the tallest in the bunch. Gufawhaha.

"I look compressed in size because of my shoes. Everyone else looks plain and boring. Haha."

And after that, we headed for the shrine. Another long and tiring ride from one far away place to another but this time, we had to climb up a mountain and the oxygen content kept growing lesser and lesser as we rose up higher.

It was practically hard to breath up in the mountains but due to the cool and calm weather patterns, it was tangible enough. I have been writing this damned post for a week now (you can see from the length) and after all those days spent on typing this post out, I have forgotten all the details regarding this temple.

I didn't even liked the place truth be told. Anyways, lets get a move on.

"The biggest shrine I have ever seen. And this is just the entrance."

Ah dang, I'm too tired to explain things further. Just look at the pictures. This post is driving me nuts.

"That thing there is made out of pure gold. Estimated value? Priceless."

"The mountain top. We can actually se the entire city of Chiang Mai. Thats how high we were."

And after having a nice chat with some beautiful Japanese ladies (fuhyoo, memang cantekk habess man and let me say that again, LADIES) about something regarding a "kyodono-kan" and some Thai food, I finally got a chance to take a picture at one of the most memorable spots in the world.

As for the spot, I call it, the million-step-stair.

"Freakishly long."

And so ends this part of the post for the time being. Expect the second part (Oh damn, theres a second part?) to come soon. Now, I must go to take a sleeps before I gets a pisses off.

Peace out.

-Reening~ really tired.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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